Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Updation "with a red underline indicating spell error"

Hey folks, I was writing an e mail to a friend and i wrote the word "UPDATION" and Google's spell checker put a red underline.
well I wasn't revolted by that since 80% of my spellings are incorrect (shame on you mister admitting this in the public :P) and I did a quick Google search to check what's the fuss.

What i found in the search results was interesting and i quote most of it here...

Updation is not a real word it is incorrect. Since update is a modern word, it follows the modern English trend of Zero-Derivation   

furthermore on doing google research on the word i found what interest me most:

This word is mainly used in India instead of updating and that too mostly  by Indian IT engineers.
The word most probably is originated from technical IT jargon in India. It comes from SQL (Structured Query Language) which is a  language widely used in business database systems. It has three main command words: INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. insertion and deletion are commonly used nouns that describe the actions performed by the INSERT and DELETE commands so it would be natural for a non-native speaker to extend this group to include UPDATE , and business English users are very fond of words with Latin-sounding endings the word updation comes naturally and seems granted.

PS: I might be doing some updation to this post if found something interesting. God i like this word already updation, wow! be it that way...

Friday, May 4, 2012

MS Powerpoint Presenter View

Do you people know about it already?  i am sure many of you do. nerveless i am writing it down anyways :)

presenter view just makes sure that you can see all your readers notes while all the audience can only "view the presentation."

here is how to do it:

1. just make sure that your projector is connected an powered on.
2. Use extended display to project on screen (it is the crucial step here DO NOT USE DUPLICATE, since only extend will work )
3. in the graphics properties indicate your projected screen as secondary display
** If you have used correct projection settings then you will find that in projected screen only wallpaper will be displayed  no icon or open window will be projected**
4. open MS PowerPoint and click on "slide show" tab under  monitors click on "use presenter view" if everything is done correctly a check mark will appear in the check box and  option "Show on" just above presenter view will become active
5. in the "show on"  drop down menu select the option which indicate your projector (secondary monitor)

Now start your slide Show and enjoy delivering your presentation

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Do's n Don't For Making a Presentation

Hi everyone !
 Its always been a big issue and a mind wobbling one. Creating a presentation may be a much more troublesome for most (uh! not an issue for those introvert techno-geeks :P)
anyways i might be of some help in this (of course! if you need). The question is what makes a presentation presentable? 

here is my collection of some important points given by various Proffers to various students (certainly including me !) 

First is very common thing Use points in slides not full length paragraph.

If there is some data images, Graphs which is taken from someone eases work; Just mansion the reference near that data [Makes your presentation Ethical also gives a good impression to viewer that you have red so many things :)]  

Try to use animations for explanations as much as possible

Denote abbreviation clearly (i personally recommend not to use abbreviations but full names only)

Clearly mansion each and every assumption made to get the final conclusion.

Select template and background wisely what seems stunning on desktop me not be even readable on projector or LCD screen  :(

go through your presentation from third person perspective and add all details which may be on speaker's mind but not in listener's focus  (golden rule Nothing is obvious)

Consistency in presentation is a key feature so decide the sequence of information carefully (and there is a grate conspiracy in this regard  i might address that in a different post about "effective learning ")

Last always be ready to note down the critic remarks for future reference :)

and now you are ready to rock with your presentation.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Virus Aattack

Finally my pc Has invited a Funny Virus. Not woried though.......

can't access Net with Windows, it looks like old "new folder.exe" Blocked taskmanager, no access to regestry editor, blocked Internet, strange folders in usb stick..... What else it can be .

I attacked on virus n tried to block it with group policy additer and it shocked me. No access to group policy editor :(

NOw i m woried coz i dont have any antovirous. I tried my best tools "UNHACKME" & "Taskkiller" but this new virus is shelded against both of them. When i run Unhackme my computes Shut Down.

When i looked deeper into the problem i found that it has changed my user account replaced the origenal one with extension (.PAPI) &created new account with saim name weird!
after googling i found what it realy is .................................................

Forges the sender's email address
  • Downloads code from the internet
  • Installs itself in the Registry
  • -->
    Prevalence: Prevalence Medium
    Name Backdoor.Win32.Papi.a
    Type Backdoor
    How it spreads Internet Downloads
    Affected operating systems Windows
    Aliases Trojan-Spy.Win32.Delf.pv.
    Date of surface Aug 18 2006


    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Constant Vigilance

    WARNING! SCAM!! FRAUD!!! TREACHERY!!!!  BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    well there are a lot of E mail scam reported on cybre world. ha!
    one can easily tell its a scam, for they all have a common body asking for personal details
    "For Claims Of Funds,Provide the Following Information: Email,Full Name,Email Address, Home Address,Sex,Age,Occupation,Tel,Country."

    do they blow up recivers mind? there is no chance even a child wont beleve it if i offer him a thousand million forign currency,
    why are you giving it to me when you can keep it all. you wont give any money to a stranger (if you are not a nutter)


    though if you have spare time you may have fun, they always give an e mail ID and a number alongwith a name(surely fake) for reciving your personal information.
    one can fulsh their inbox with useless mails. register the mail id with sites offering daily updates and offers via mails....(jocking) seriosly this wont stop their buissness.

    here is my little collection of scam mails (if you have somthing different i would like to put it here so plesr forword it to me)